Clear Creek County
Clerk and Recorder

Index of recorded documents from August 30, 1983 forward

Images are not available at this time

Contact Information:
Clear Creek County Clerk
405 Argentine St.
PO Box 2000
Georgetown, CO 80444

Phone: 303-679-2339
Fax: 303-679-2416

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday
7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Except Holidays


Clear Creek County Records

Online recording index covers a period from August 30, 1983 forward.

Images of the documents are not available at this time.

For copies, please call:
    • 303-679-2340
    • 303-679-2338
    • 303-679-2339

If you need to search the records prior to August 30, 1983, you will have to go to the:
Clerk & Recorders Office, 405 Argentine St., Georgetown, CO.